Activate family caregivers to improve cost, quality and experience of Medicare members, at scale

Ceresti is a digital health company that improves the quality, experience and cost of care for Medicare members by activating and supporting their family caregivers, at scale.

Improving quality, experience and cost for frail elderly is critical

Achieving the Triple Aim for frail elderly is critically important to Medicare Advantage (MA) organizations because this vulnerable population accounts for 70% of all hospitalizations and more than 50% of total medical costs. 

Research shows that the majority of member hospitalizations can be avoided when their family caregivers (spouses, adult children) detect and address changes in member condition, before they worsen. However, payers and providers typically do not have a relationship with the family caregivers of their frail elderly members, and lack an effective “playbook” to operationalize family caregivers to improve member outcomes.

We partner with organizations that manage risk

Ceresti leverages data and predictive analytics to identify and enroll family caregivers (spouses, adult children) into its Digital Caregiver Activation Program (DCAP). Ceresti’s DCAP is a non-medical program comprising personalized health education, resources, social worker-led proactive coaching, and caregiver-enabled remote monitoring, all delivered via a dedicated tablet that is shipped to the caregiver’s home. 

Activated and supported family caregivers improve member outcomes by detecting and addressing changes in member condition, and by engaging the healthcare system more effectively. Significant cost savings were realized in an independently validated six-month clinical study in which hospitalizations were reduced by 80% (p=0.02). Other outcomes include incremental revenue attributable to increased RAF accuracy, and improvements in member experience